Jacket Portrait Size Guide

The following guide is to assist in selecting the correct jacket option and portrait size dependent on the number of pets you wish to have painted. If you have any additional questions send a message using the contact form on the bottom of the page. 

Jackets are available for children and adults, the children’s jackets are priced dependent or size of jacket and can fit a maximum of two pets, please find them here. 

Adult jackets are available with three portrait sizes: Full Size, Mid Size and Mini Size

Full Size - this fills the whole back of the jacket, it is available for one pet only.
Mid Size - available for 1-4 pets, mid portraits are approximately 25-30cm in height, the size will depend on the jacket size and composition and will be adjusted to fit the jacket accordingly. 
Mini Size - available for 1-5 pets mini portraits are approximately 8-10cm in height, as with mid portraits the size will depend on the jacket size and composition and will be adjusted to fit the jacket accordingly. Mini portraits can be positioned on the front of the jacket or the back which can be confirmed and discussed following purchase. 


Selecting your jacket

All adult jackets are available as two options ‘With Jacket’ or ‘Own Jacket’

With Jacket- A brand new jacket will be provided for painting, I normally stock a range of jackets that I use frequently. Depending on the size ordered confirmation of the jackets I have in stock or that are available will be sent via message following purchase for you to select and confirm. Additional colours and styles can be sourced if required and full measurement sent when requested. 

Own Jacket - If you wish to provide your own jacket for painting. Following purchase, you will need to send your existing jacket to myself, you are also able to purchase a new jacket online and have it delivered directly. You are responsible for the postage of your own jacket which will need to be sent to Manchester, UK. Guidance and assistance can be provided for posting internationally.

I currently only accept denim jackets to be painted, these must be non-stretch denim, if you are unsure if your jacket is suitable please send a message first.  


The below examples are based on a Adult UK size 10 jacket which is approx 62cm long.

Mini Portrait x4 (approx 10 cm), Mini Portrait x2 (approx 9cm), Full Size with name:

 Midi Portrait x2 (approx 30cm), Midi Portrait x1 (approx 27cm), Midi Portrait x3 (approx 30cm).